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The multitude of federal, state, and local laws and regulations can be daunting as you try to meet compliance demands. No matter what size your business or organization is, defining policies, procedures, and processes is essential in addressing employee questions and in preventing conflicts or misinterpretations down the line.

People Projects will provide a comprehensive approach, starting with a review of existing workplace policies, procedures, and processes. In some cases, we may recommend updates to existing documents if practical, or suggest developing a customized, state-specific employee handbook that can protect your business or organization against claims of discrimination or unfair treatment. 

Policies often overlooked or requiring updates include:

Americans with Disabilities Act, Progressive Discipline, Termination, Attendance, Vacation, and Time Off, Bullying and Harassment, Workplace Security, Ethics, Code of Conduct, Rest Periods, Meals, Telephone/Email/Internet Use, Equal Employment Opportunity
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