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Hiring the right people is the heart and backbone of a growing company. Attracting, selecting, and onboarding great people requires a clear vision and sustained attention.

  • How and where do you advertise? 

  • Who should be involved in the hiring process?

  • What questions do you ask and what questions should you not ask?

  • What about background and reference checks?

All these questions and more are important to the success of recruitment and your process. 

By partnering with People Projects, you will receive a comprehensive recruitment process, recruiting services, the tools to identify and hire the best possible candidates, and training for your hiring managers to ensure your hiring practices are compliant with applicable employment laws. 


A comprehensive recruitment process includes:

Recruitment Process: Determine staffing needs, Write job description, Promote the job posting, Source candidates, Review resumes, Conduct interviews, Extend job offer, and Hire and onboard
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